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A disabled elderly pregnant child. What a weird notion.    Ah yes, the power of small things... and that should be a colon instead of a comma.

This sentence is incorrect because it has a rule one comma problem and punctuation problem. Grammar Wins: Toilet only for disabled,elderly, pregnant and children.

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37 Times When One Tiny Grammar Error Ruined EVERYTHING. When Jenny's anger management took an interesting turn

A Series of Unfortunate Spelling Errors: 'Shower will be shit down on till repairs are finish, do to a leak under the tub...' Oh, now, this one just makes me sad.

Funny Grammar Mistakes On Signs In America [20 Pics]

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Give Me A 'Brake'  Perhaps it's good that kids get away from this school for a while.

40 Thanksgiving FAILS

Should be Thanksgiving Break It should not be Thanksgiving Brake Spelt break incorrectly.


Funny Grammar Mistakes On Signs In America [20 Pics]

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