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Protein Power: Sprouts Theplas

There was a time when Thepla, Dhokla, Khakhra were a bunch of strange-sounding foods that belonged to a distant cuisine. Of course there were times when we were drawn close to them, thanks to the friendly Patel's store in the suburbs where we lived, back in Chicago. There would be a plateful of spongy, turmeric-yellow Dhoklas topped with a most inviting seasoning of mustard, asafetida and slit green chilies, by the billing counter, screaming to be had. A dozen home-made Methi Theplas slid…

from by Tarla Dalal

Soya Methi Garlic Naan

Fenugreek and soyaflour helps to lower blood glucose levels and thus excellent recipe for diabetics. Being cooked in very minimal fat this indian bread suits a low-cal menu as well.

from by Tarla Dalal

Paneer Methi Roti

Paneer Methi Roti is an interesting variation of the common paneer parathas, this one is sure to win over several hearts with its mild flavour. The addition of methi increases the iron content and vitamin A value substantially. Serve it with a bowl of low-fat curds, to make a complete meal. I’ve used wholesome whole wheat flour instead of maida, which is devoid of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre.

from by Tarla Dalal

Karela Theplas ( Diabetic

The first thing we all can think about karelas is their bitterness. Believe it or not, karela is a vegetable that is extremely beneficial for diabetics and you can enjoy it more if you acquire the taste for it. This innovative recipe makes use of the peels of the karela which we usually throw away. Wash and chop the peel into small pieces before adding it into the dough. Use the karelas to make the Karela Kadhi.

from by Tarla Dalal

Pudina Naan, Phudina Naan, Mint Naan

A popular leavened bread of exquisite taste cooked in a clay oven (which is known as a “tandoor” and is known to have originated in persia). The tradition carries on even today in modern day iran and several north indian homes. I have added some pounded mint leaves to the naan dough to enhance the flavour and appearance of this bread. I have also made smaller sized naans so that they can be cooked faster.

from by Tarla Dalal

Saatdhan Paratha

Seven flours mixed together to beat anemia! This paratha will drive away the anemia induced fatigue and lethargy.

from by Tarla Dalal

Banana Methi Thepla

The sweetness of bananas is highlighted and well-complemented by the slightly bitter methi leaves making the duo an exciting filling for theplas. You will love the blend of flavours and the pleasing texture of the banana methi thepla. It is also good to note that this thepla will last for a day or two, so you can carry it not just in your lunch box but take it along on a journey too!

from Veg Recipes of India

Lachha Paratha Recipe | Lachedar Paratha

lachha paratha recipe - popular north indian flaky layered parathas made with whole wheat flour/atta. step by step recipe.

from by Tarla Dalal

Garlic Roti, Lehsun Roti

Whether a simple unleavened Chapati or a spongy leavened bread, garlic is always a great value-add. Here, we have made a delicious roti of multiple flours like wheat, jowar and bajra, fortified with oats, and flavoured with fresh green garlic and spice powders.

from by Tarla Dalal

Butter Garlic Naan, Tava Garlic Butter Naan

This is a rich Indian bread recipe, with the exciting flavour of garlic and green chillies. Handle the dough carefully, just as explained in the recipe in order to get the perfect texture of naan. While naan is traditionally prepared in a tandoor, this Butter Garlic Naan can be comfortably prepared in a tava at home.