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Making of House on the Coast. 3dnotos studio sheds some light about the making of their striking “House on the Coast” image posted not long ago on the forums (Done in viewport still screen capture style mostly). I love the look & feel they went for on this one, being an actual client work, and not the usual treatment one would expect… this image offers both warmth and cold feelings with a very smart placement of the women overlooking the sea from her exterior deck.

from ArchDaily

Eilkhaneh / [SHIFT] Process Practice

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New 3D modelling and fabrication techniques have led to a public bench renaissance. Click image for full story via The Dirt | ASLA and visit the boards >>

Tutorial, From Sketchup to Photoshop: The following image is a perfect example of my workflow. This illustration was one I did for a very talented group of architects. They were working on a mixed-use, urbanist community in New Orleans and needed some visuals to show the ‘feel’ of the project before any of the architecture was ironed out. I was given a SketchUP model with minimal conceptual architecture and a hand sketch on what this particular plaza should start to look like. This is…