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kiiroyasuna: “Two cute Grass-Poison type Pokemon!

A Pokemon type chart that is much easier to read

A Pokemon type chart that is much easier to read

The easiest way to understand Pokemon type effectiveness. I don’t know about you, but Pokemon Type Effectiveness of the past always look like multiplication tables.

ssalbulre:    Keep reading pokemon pokemon go pikachoo follow back pokemon art ash

>:( artist name blue eyes blush stickers caterpie eyebrows fangs full body grubbin guzma (pokemon) hand in pocket hand up highres hood hood down hoodie horn insect jewelry larvesta male focus nincada open clothes open hoodie pants pendant pokemon poke

Venusaur & Bulbasaur & Hoppip & Shroomish & Budew & Cottonee & Oddish & Petilil & Foongus & Pansage & Sewaddle & Snivy & Chespin & Sunkern

:> bulbasaur chespin cottonee fang flower green eyes hoppip leaf mega pokemon no humans oddish pansage phantump pokemon pokemon (creature) pokemon (game) red eyes shroomish snivy sunkern uppi venusaur vines