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Artist Noma Bar. Since Bariatric surgery will change your body in a good way, I found this art piece suitable for my pin. Please check out all her cool art! :)

from UltraLinx

Typography Inspiration #4

typography bar code by tasos7 d4akuao Very creative. The double meaning is clever. The background is beautiful! Not sure why it was chosen for this particular image, but it caught my eye before anything else. I like how all of the type lines up vertically. #typography #design #barcode

So, my name means Pipal tree, which is a type of Banyan. This graphic would be a kickass logo for that. Barcode Trees Graphic by ™

from Art Bar

My Trip to ALT Summit 2015

I know I don't normally write about the business of blogging, but I still wanted to share a little bit of the experience I had in Salt Lake City last week.