How to make a lawn ghost out of chicken wire. Awesome!


Grim Hollow Haunt: Cloaked Ghost Step By Step

DIY Halloween Decorations for me to do next year!!

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How awesome would this look in my office??!!!

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halloween decorations--pound 1" dowels into ground in a circle. Top each dowel with a styro ball. Top each ball with a square of fabric, laying fabric to cover dowel as much as possible. Use T pins to secure the fabric to the styrofoam, and tie the 'hands' of the ghosts together, forming a circle.

I have got to figure out how to do this with chicken wire and glow in the dark paint ... would love to have this in the yard for Halloween! :)

DIY: Halloween ideas -- chicken wire in the yard + glow in the dark paint = ghosts in the front yard.

Floating ghosts out of gauze and chicken wire


So Creeeeepy! Cheesecloth Spirits using styrofoam mannequin heads, place eye hook at the top of head then fishing line to hang. I'm totally doing this for Halloween!!!

A bag of Jelly Belly's...what a great DIY Halloween costume!

Chickenwire dummies

how to make chicken wire ghosts for halloween lawn decorations

Packing tape ghost -- This is crazy awesome. I know what we're adding to our yard this year. @amberellelisak

Totally LOVE this, Halloween Ghosts using the family footprints! !

Halloween chicken wire ghost dressed in cheesecloth. View 1

Halloween Decoration Inspirations - these ghosts are easy to make - very effective when lit up at night #halloween #decorations

How to create a #Halloween Costume #Halloween stuffs #Halloween clothes|