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“Coffin Ships” were infamous vessels which brought immigrants from Ireland to Canada (not America) during the Potato Famine (1845-52). These were death ships. The death rate could easily be 30% for some of these voyages.

9)'Irish Coffin Ships/ Similarly to the Mayflower Pilgrims, German's (Palatines) and Donner Party many of the Irish immigrants died along the way.. 'Of the 100,000 Irish that sailed to British North America in 1847, one out of five died from disease malnutrition' . I find it heart breaking to consider the fact that their only glimmer of hope (America)would lead to yet more tragedy. It also important to consider the inevitable separation of families- In Ireland, along the way and in…

This is the like the whip that they would fear and would be used by Dobson in the last scene. The whip will be damaged to show it has been used often.

Prison Hulk--"It was normal for prisoners under sentence of transportation to spend the first part of their sentence in the prison where they had awaited trial, usually in solitary confinement....In the early 19th century, most prisoners awaiting transportation were sent to the 'hulks' in London before being assigned to a convict ship and leaving England."

History of the penal laws in Ireland: made it illegal for Irish Catholics to own land, lease land, vote, hold office, live in a large town, seek an education, and enter a profession or serve in the military...among a host of other discriminations.