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    "The First Minnesota" by Don Troiani. The 1st Minnesota Infantry sucessfully drives back Wilcox's Brigade on July 2, Gettysburg. Out of the 262 men that took part in the attack, 215 were killed, wounded, or missing.

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    Civil War Art Print

  • Griffin Bates

    The boldest charge ever done in American History.

  • don nelson

    The First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment mustered for a three-year term (1861-1864) in the Union Army at the outset of the American Civil War when the prevailing enlistment period was three months. During offensive movements, it sustained high degrees of casualties at the Battles of First Bull Run (20%) and Antietam (28%) and a catastrophic degree of casualties (82%) at the Battle of Gettysburg. It is most noted for its service on the second day at Gettysburg. Joseph Scully was mustered.

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Corcoran Monastic Association, 1901 Census of Ireland. Source Howard Mathieson.

Corcoran Monastic Association. Source Howard Mathieson.

Corcoran Surname Distribution

Corcoran Surname Distribution

The Big Tree, Galway Cluster

R1b-DF2-S5456 The Big Tree

Map of Barony of Longford

In 837, Vikings attacked on the Boyne and Liffey rivers on the east coast and on the Shannon on the west. In 840 the Vikings spent a year on Lough Neagh pillaging, amongst others, the monastery of Armagh. Many of the scholars and monks of Louth monastery were captured and sold into slavery. In 841 they set up fortified camps at Annagassan (county Louth) and Dubhlinn (present day Dublin). Clonmacnoise, Birr and Clonfert were pillaged.

Viking raids on Lorrha

Shesheraghmore House Lorrha, Map

Shesheraghmore House Lorrha, Arial Photo

Abbeville House Lorrha, Map

Abbeville House, Lorrha, Arial Photo

Abbeville House Lorrha

Abbeyville House, Lorrha

Shesheraghmore House, Arial Photo

Shesheraghmore House, Arial Photo

Shesheraghmore House

Corcorans's Field, Abbeyville, Lorrha, near Kilregane, Shesheraghmore

Abbyville, Lorrha, Co. Tipperary

Land Grant to Joseph Scully

Corcoran, Scully, Heenan, Abbyville, Lorrha. Near Kilregane, Lorrha.

Corcoran in Tithe Allottments of 1824, Abbyville, Lorrha.

Lorrha, St Rodans Abbey

Lorrha, Historic