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I can write words! Read and write simple words with simple sentences!

Common Core Star Rubircs and Checklists for grade one. Each ELA CCSS is broken down into five points of achievement. Color version for whole class and black and white version for individuals. Includes a checklist too.$

New: Sample student page from "Reading Response Templates for Any Book {Literature and Informational Texts}" 81 pages, $

Simple Stories made of SIGHT WORDS and CVC words that kids can READ! Perfect for working on FLUENCY!

READ the simple sentence and DRAW a picture to match! Great way to check for comprehension!

Sarah's First Grade Snippets: freebie

Roll and READ a SIMPLE sentence made of sight words and short vowel words! What a great way to work on FLUENCY!

Fun CVC practice using bingo dabbers!

Fun winter-themed activity for learning and practicing CVC words. Great for centers!

Perfect for BEGINNING READERS! CVC Booklets! Kids get to build, read and write CVC words in little booklets that they make!

Write the Room - Alphabet (predominantly CVC words).

The "H" Brothers - Ch, Sh, Wh, Th via Mrs. Palmer's Kindergarten Class

Grammar - Capitalize It: First Word... great for 1st grade and kinder!!

Use these card during literacy centers or for early finishers. Good for ELD learners and for differentiation. This set included 78 color coded CVC...

Roll a Word family word and trace it!

Noun freebie

Word Families Interactive Notebook {58 word families included: ab, ack, ad, ag, ake, all, am, ame, an, ap, ar, art, ash, at, ate, ay, aw, eat, eck, ed, ee, ell, est, et, ew, ice, ick, ide, ig, ight, ike, in, ine, ing, ink, ip, it, ite, oat, ob, ock, og, oke, one, ood, ook, op, orn, ot, ow, ox, ub, uck, ug, ump, un, unk, and ut.}

This document contains all 50 of the Kindergarten Imagine It! Reading curriculum Flashcards. Each page features 1 word per page, including the uni...

rhyming chart - this could be made into a worksheet too

"Chart Parts" {Reading Anchor Charts - Set 1} Build engaging, developmentally appropriate anchor charts with your students in reading workshop... many resources. 120 pages, $

Labels for Pizza

How do readers know they understand? (Anchor Chart)

The Daily Cupcake....a Kindergarten Blog: Writing Anchor Charts

"Chrysanthemum" Activity

Chrysanthemum. measuring name length.