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The shamisen is a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument. It can be played solo or with other shamisen, in ensembles with other Japanese instruments, with singing such as nagauta, or as an accompaniment to drama, notably kabuki and bunraku. Both men and women traditionally played the shamisen.

Japanese children



Osaka Castlel Japan

Sankeien Park, Hiroshima, Japan


Today in Kyoto, Japan : Hassaku (by momoyama)

Kamishichiken Maiko I by tensai-riot on DeviantArt

Spring night by Sho Shibata. Japan


Stepping stones ~ Tenjuan Gardens ~ Kyoto, Japan • by Sharilyn Anderson

Bamboo Forest, Japan

The Snow Monsters of Zao, Yamagata, Japan

underground lake!

Tokyo Tower, Japan

Misty Path to Sacred mountains, Mount Haguro, Yamagata, Japan

Fuji Shibazakura

Mt. Fuji - Japan

Cherry Blossoms, Chureito pagoda and Mount Fuji, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan

Cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, Japan

The iconic gateways to Japan s shrines and temples are as symbolic as they are beautiful.