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7 images that break all the rules but are amazing because of it

Charging Lion This magnificent picture of an angry lion in the Kalahari desert, was taken by Netherlands photographer, Marsel Van Oosten and was a winning entry in the 2010 Travel Photography Of The Year competition.

He looks like he can drop some knowledge on your ass, at any second !!!

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Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar great for scratch board project - pen & ink - charcoal or pencil

Cub:You Not The Boss Of Me King:Yes, I Am

Son has issues with dad." And "dad, you don't understand," in lion.

Brotherly love (by Tambako the Jaguar) Two Old Codgers enjoying the moment! :)

animals, lions, cats, giant cats San Diego Zoo - possible road trip?Zebra The Netherlands are the country in europe to ban wild animal.


cute lion pulling a funny face black and white nature animal safari jungle photography

The African lion is an absolute beast. To learn more, read about him and his pride here - http://pinstor.us/articles/african-lion-facts-the-sub-saharan-big-cats/

This is one of the African Lions from WHF and his name is Tiny! Trust me, he…