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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu KeraFiber. I didn't want to go through painful & expensive hair transplant procedures (Add to it maintenance costs!). Infact I have decided to accept reality and go bald gracefully at some point. KeraFiber has given me few more years of youth. :-)

Have purchased another bottle of this product. Was very scepticle about using it but my hairdresser showed me what to do & can say it definatly works. After having bariatric surgery noticed my hair was thinning so thought 'give it a go'. After using people were commenting on my hair, say 'it looks thicker' so that said it all. Will definatly carry on using this product. Thankyou so much

I ordered this for my Mother who has thinning hair due to medication. Product arrived promptly and we were eager to try it. I mainly used KeraFiber on the back of her head and was surprised how the product made her hair look that much thicker.We actually went out shopping afterwards on a windy day and her hair still looked good when we got home. It didn't come off at all until she washed her hair a few days later.

I used the product just to test if the advertisement of the efficacy of the product is true. Well, I was amazed by the result the first time I used it, my hair looks so much fuller and it covers the thinning area of the scalp. Even my close friends were surprise how much fuller my hair was. Very good product, I will not hesitate to recommend. Actually, I did already to my aunt.

KeraFiber has manufactured a product containing keratin which clings to the hair, thickening it and getting rid of the appearance of bald patches. As a woman whose intensely stressful life circumstances and loss of loved ones within a brief period of time had very damaging consequences for my hair, I am grateful to KeraFIber which has provided a solution for me and, I would guess, many others. I thoroughly recommend the product. Thanks from Helen.

I can only say thank you Kerafibre. I was sceptical when I read the advert but bothered enough about my thinning hair to give it a try. The ad read like a miracle and did not cost the earth. The rapid delivery and prompt on line contacts did not keep me waiting and I could not wait to try it. ` Wonderful ` is all I need to say. My personal colour is white. The product works just as you said it would. I trust users of the other colours will get the same results as me.

I have purchased Kerafiber ... It arrived in 36 hours and is absolutely fantastic after receiving chemotherapy plus radiotherapy in 2012 .. My hair came back very thin on the front... If fact bald would be a better word! Very disheartening ... So I've tried this product and was amazed the difference it made right away... True it's cosmetic but has made me feel so much better and not feeling stared at..

If you're a bit sceptical about this product, then let me tell you that this really works! I bought it for my hubby as he is always going on about his thinning patch at the crown of his head. A few sprinkles of this and it really makes it look like a full head of hair! Go for it, you won'r be disappointed :)

I was skeptical but I decided to try it and then decide if it was worth continuing. I was amazed by the results I got with the product. It's true that some hair does have to exist so that it will bond. You can't use this if you're bald in other words. I was actually nervous because I thought a lot of people that I see daily would notice and ask me. If they did notice, no one said anything because the results were so dramatic.

This is an amazing product.It takes about 3 minutes to apply and lasts all day.I was worried that the colour would be detectable but I ordered medium brown and it's a perfect match for my hair which has been thining for a number of years.It gives you so much confidence .I wish it had been available years ago.I would recommend it without reservation to all men like me who have tried other products like hair thickening shampoos Try it.Believe me.