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    I think I just realized this meant R.J.L. and that I never thought he would pick a girl over me. I'll always love you kiddo

    3y Saved to My Heart


    • Katy Tyler

      This is so perfect... Jeffrey, Alex, Josh.... They all have a place in my heart, but no longer in my least for the first two... I'm still figuring out the whole Josh thing...

    • Nancy McClure

      So many people I've had to LET GO of in my life....but SOME still remain in my heart!!

    • Stormi Peterson

      describing my life right about now. so true. sometimes, you have to let go.

    • Kimberly DeLeon

      Some people will stay in your heart but not your life - so true.

    • Inspiration ❤️

      word!!! it breaks my heart to have this be so true in my life.

    • Chadric Elkins

      short, quotes, saying, heart, love, cute

    • Anna Speers

      man this is my life quote right here.

    • Marshon Hubbard

      So true. Life's lessons

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    So true....

    Saddddddddddddddddddddd .. None The Less .. "Far Too True" !!


    People don't change! Once a cheater...always a cheater sorry Hunny but open ur eyes u did the same shit going into ur relationship....u really think I was the last one! Ha stronger than's that he went four months w out cheating and only sticking his dick in u...real strong Hahah


    Totally believe this


    Very very true

    So so true!

    so true...

    So true..





    very true...

    It's always nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they're not around.