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Brisé fan, French, c.1820, horn sticks and guards with ends shaped to resemble crocketed pinnacles, pierced, painted in bodycolour, gilt and set with cut steels. Fitzwilliams Museum.

King George IV’s Ivory Cockade Fan, 1790 Cockade fans differ from standard hand fans in that they open to a full 360 degrees. Such fans were first recorded in use during early medieval times though they may have been employed much earlier in their country of origin--China.

This amazing shot captures vibrant Autumn colors and the beautiful architecture of the National Museum in Wrocław. It has been established in 1947 and holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in Poland.

Abanico / Autor desconocido / Finales siglo XIX / Madera, tul y listones de seda / 38.5x59 cm. / Colección Museo de Historia Mexicana / Ubicación: Bodega de colecciones