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This is my heartfilled prayer for Darlington.We've seen the changing of many Headmasters and Directors and Deans. Please...stay the course of the Darlington that was envisioned...and resist the undertow of what's trendy or commercial!

Motivational quotes (The Good Vibe)

This quote is the says it all!!! This is one aspect that I have always struggled with, and yet I am always finding myself back in the same position as I was in the past! If only I could learn to actually apply this in my own life?

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Even though our "thing" didn't work were a wonderful gift God sent to my life. You made me realize so much about myself and saved me from a shitty relationship I had been in. Now if only I had the courage to tell you how much I appreciated you.

Não te irrites, por mais que te fizerem... Estuda, a frio, o coração aleio. Farás, assim, do mal que eles te querem, Teu mais amável e sutil recreio... #MarioQuintana

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