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Nature and Cities: Laurie Olin, “Water, Nature, and Cities - The Art of Landscape Design”, March 1, 2014 on Vimeo

While leaving a major core of the wetland untouched for natural evolution, the pondand- mound ring surrounding the swamp is a buffer zone that filters storm water for the core wetland and acts as a barrier between nature and the city

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14 Beauty Lessons We Learned From SATC

Cosmos Mystery Area near Rapid City SD is a natural phenomena that is intriguing and mind boggling! If you ever get the chance to go here I recommend it! if you have veritigo like i do, just fall on your knees and crawl your way out, ha ha

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Funny & Artistic Portraits in Nature and Cities

Funny & Artistic Portraits in Nature and Cities – Fubiz Media

Cinque Terre, Italy This beautiful rugged coast is present in the Liguria region of Italy to the west of the city of La Spezia. This place is extremely close to nature, thus it is perfect for all the nature and peace lovers. Apart from the natural beauty, you will also be able to find some really delicious traditional food there.

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20 Stunning Nature Photos That Will Leave You Speechless

The natural activities of nature is always gorgeous and awesome. Even this tornado is amazing , sooner or later the cities around will get a fish rain , for sure.!