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almost every day: me: *miserable* mom: are you okay? me: YOU KNOW THIS JUST HAPPENED IN MY FANDOM AND IT'S NOT FAIR I JUST A;KLGFJA;SDFKJ NOOOOOOOOA;SDLKFJAS;DKFJAS;KDFJ *CRIES* mom: oh okay whatever me: *sobs and returns to fandom*

One day Mommy is going to teach you all about muggles, dire wolves, the one true ring, and wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Why? Because Mommy is a nerd and nerds are cool.

The thing is, many people think that people are mad because it gets in the way of their couple that they prefer. I'M MAD BECAUSE IT'S WRONG. If Steve and Peggy had worked out, SHARON WOULD BE HIS NEICE!

This is one of the best things I've ever seen.<<Someone NEEDS to make this happen!>>>OMG I WOULD GO THERE AND I WOULD LOVE IT<< I WOULD DO THIS except i need to become an actress :( (i want to!)>>> YASS PLEASE!