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    Unitarian Universalism seventh principle

    • amit patel

      earth-day-2013 Best Quotes for Earth Day 2013, New Photos of Earth Day 2013, Green Earth Wishes Photos Earth Day 2013 Wishes, Happy Earth Day 2013 HD Desktop Wallpapers

    • Mabel Katz

      We appreciate YOU and say THANK YOU Mother Earth We may not always be aware of it, but we are living out in space. We live on a planet that is just hanging in space. We are on a spaceship called Earth.


      If we're not willing to live in harmony with nature for ourselves, are we willing to make the change for our children? Worth considering! :)

    • Neighborhood UU

      UU Media Collaborative Works Photo: iStockPhoto Standard License Creator: Jessica Ferguson Use: Non-profit, Sharing. Not for resale.

    • Jeannie Fulbright

      The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of His unfailing love. Psalm 33:5 #earthday #earth #love

    • Gaia

      Crystal and Indigo Children are very sensitive to the energy around them, so having a balanced, stable energy field for themselves empowers them to be a gift to the rest of the world. We bring you some simple, fun exercises that will balance your Child’s energy on a daily basis.

    • Cortney Wright

      #BlissfulEarth ♻ #EarthDay's coming up on Sunday. Tis a great time to give back & be a little kinder to the #Earth: Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth ✔ Take grocery bags back to the store’s recycling bin [or reuse them] ✔ Turn lights out when you leave a room ✔ Use public transportation more often ✔ Walk more as a mode of transportation ✔ Use your local recycling program. <3 THE EARTH!!! <3

    • Preschool Ponderings

      great earth day quote to share with children.

    • Sarah Minerva

      Missions Program Idea

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    Sunday and Every Day: My Little Book of Unitarian Universalism by Patricia Frevert. This small book puts a little bit of the Unitarian Universalist faith in a child's hands. Features prayers for worship and everyday use, stories, songs, plus the seven Principles and six Sources in children's language. Ages 5 and up.

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