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A River Otter is any of 13 living species of semi-aquatic, (or in the case of the sea otter: Aquatic) mammals that feed on fish & shellfish; also other invertebrates, amphibians, birds and small mammals. An otter's den is called a

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Happy baby animals always make me smile. This kissing (or nomming?) otter baby just oozes cuteness.

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Funny pictures about Baby Otter Kissing. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Otter Kissing. Also, Baby Otter Kissing photos.

baby otters....

Otters are one of my favorite animals.I could watch them for hours.but these baby otters.

Otter underwater

Otter underwater

topo..... Sweetness❤️

I hate rats and mice and I know that I'd freak out if this was in person but. It's SO cute in pictures. Peek a boo!

#Beaver, wet, white, cool ❤ [Ive never seen a white beaver, maybe thats why this looks like a sea otter. Ive never seen a white sea otter either, though. ???]

Beaver, wet, white, cool ❤ [I've never seen a white beaver, maybe that's why…

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