goodbye cheap little plastic rings, hello nail polish!

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Ant Poison - I wish I had learned about this years ago! It's cheap, easy, fast and it WORKS!

paint your keys with nail polish

Simple, cheap bookmark... Cuteness!

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Gloss your forever 21 or cheap jewlery to keep from turning colors.. this also makes it hypoallergenic!

unusual uses for nail polish! get the nail polish free with a coupon!

nail polish keys


scrapbook paper inside of plastic bins- i do this and it makes cheap plastic look much better!

such a cute idea {paint keys with nail polish to id them easier} via a bubbly life


How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color

String letters

step 1 was to apply good ole Elmers Glue to the key. Step 2 Shake glitter onto key. Let dry for a hour. Repeat steps 1 &2 for the back side of the key One might ask, how do you keep the glitter from coming off the key? SEAL it with nail polish top coat sealer!

Old nail polish to make pretend "makeup" for kids once hardened.

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Skip the million plastic bags. Fits into shopping cart lift right out into the trunk...

DIY reclosable bag