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Cute and easy end of the year gifts for your students!I decided to make my students bookmarks to go inside a Flat Stanley book I bought each of...

End Of Student Teaching Letter

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Preschool End Of The Year Letter

End Of School Year Letter To Students

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5Th Grade End Of Year Gift

Letter To Students From Teacher

Letter Y Preschool Crafts

End of the Year Letter to Students - Great Expectations

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Beginning of the year gift

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My end of the year student gift.A bookmark with s'more makings to give students with a book!

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Sweet end of the year poem to parents

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A gift for new students at beginning of the year

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End Of The Year Poem From Teacher

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1St Grade End Of School Year


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Cute welcome gift for students

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End Of Year Poem For Students

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Teacher Poem For Students

Use this bookmarks for the end of the year gift. A picture of the student can be placed on the top of the bookmark....

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I do wonder about the 10%. I learn a lot from reading!

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End of year poem. So sweet!

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end of the year ideas

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention

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Need to do these...especially at this time of year.

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End of year gifts for students.

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"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."

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end of year student gifts or for beginning have it say "let's have a cool year"

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Made these as an end of the year gift for students using the website Frames from the dollar store. Easy& affordable gift!

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Student Frame

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This teacher made a name frame for each child and framed them as an end of the year gift. How amazing!

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Chocolate Rocks


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I should totally do this next year as my end of the year gift because our class theme is "Third Grade Rocks"

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End of the Year Poem

The Applicious Teacherfrom The Applicious Teacher

Another Year Done... and Student Gifts

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Student Gift Ideas End Of Year

End Of The Year Letter To Students

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Kindergarten Graduation Memory Book

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Kindergarten End Of The Year Memory Book

Such a cute student gift idea and EASY to do. Snap a picture, add text, and print out with "End of the Year" Letter fro each student. FREEBIE letter included!