white ink tattoos

White Ink Tattoo

This is probably the only white tattoo that I've seen that I've ever actually liked.

love this @Lexie Lancaster

21. White #Tattoo on Your Foot - This is Why You Should Get a White Ink Tattoo ... → #Beauty #White

30 White Ink Tattoos Done Right

feather small tattoo

White ink tattoo

Another flawless henna sheet designed by Tamanna Roashan, AKA @DressYourFace! And this time, in WHITE! This set features intricate traditional henna designs whi

Underneath the footprints it says “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” in clear UV-reactive ink... #harrypotternerd


The design of this white tattoo really makes me think of the House of Night. This is how I imagine Zoey's tattoos, but in a sapphire blue.

in white

If I ever get a second tattoo, it will definitely be white ink. not this one though... but still. very cool stuff

small white Ink tattoos | Love Or Hate: White Ink Tattoos photo Callina Marie's photos - Buzznet

Check out Patricia Varela's "Freedom" grab @Lockerz

white ink tattoo

white paper airplanes: symbol for travel.. you never quite know where you will end up.

how cute is that tattoo; its so small