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Robert Downey Jr.  Son everything-disney

The Wind. Art Print by Alice X. Zhang- Gotta love an artist's interpretation of classic Disney or other favorite movies!

What is it like out there where they glow? Now that im older mother might just let me go...

Stained Glass Rapunzel Mandie Manzano- this style (stained glass, eyes closed, beauty makeup), but with BL's features and totems- cigarettes and books, nail polish

Because the "Frozen was the first" things irritate me to no end - oh I liked the movie, but people seem to forget things quite easily, and Frozen wasn't quite Disney's best...

FROZEN, the first Disney movie to teach girls that the first man won't always be right.>>>This one is true; so far as I can think right now.>>>>one of the only Disney movies to teach girls that a man doesn't have to save them; they can save themselves.