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The "Survivors' Stairway," a key escape route for the hundreds of people fleeing the World Trade Center during the time of the attacks, is among the artifacts on display.

World War 2: Battle Of Berlin Android Game - , Create wonderful defenses and stop the Soviet soldier from coming Berlin. Use distinct artifacts to kill foes. Show your strategic talents in this captivating game for Android. Soviet forces are advancing along the zigzagging street. foes are moving towards your base. Place your hazards, device weapons, and other antiaircraft artifacts along enemy's route. Don't forget about air hazard. sell of tool and force. investigation, and…

Apple Maniacs Android Game - , protect your lands and order of the inhabitants from the penetration of monsters, primitives, and other foes. make antiaircraft artifacts and other artifacts. Stop the penetration of foes in this Android game. Don't let the foe get the most valuable situation in your empire - stocks of apples. Place disparate artifacts that can knocked foes using mighty ammunitions, supernatural, and so on on the route of the advancing militium. upgrade your…

Recovered from the sunken treasure of a 17th century Spanish galleon named the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, the Atocha Cross is one of the world’s most important religious artifacts. On exhibit at the Bowers Museum In Santa Ana, California.

Roman agate bowl, Koptos. Roman agate bowl (1st/3th century CE) found near Koptos (Egypt). Located on the Nile, Koptos was a stop on the trade route that connected the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean, on which traveled gemstones and spices from India. On display at the Getty Villa at Malibu, California.

Anglo-Saxon Brooch from Stone Farm Bridleway. One of the many archaeological discoveries along the route of the of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Out Of Brakes Android Game - , Control entertaining artifact automobiles, bikes, and other automobiles. Speed along the line ruining hindrances on the route. Take part in a non-stative artifact racing in this game for Android. steer your vehicle along the freeway moving from side to side. ellipse around different hindrances and evade mishaps, not to ruin your vehicle. However, some hindrances can be wrecked if knocked at high speed. Set records on the line. Get prizes and…

Glass fish from ancient Afghanistan (approx. 100 C.E.) shows that mastery of glass blowing had traveled from Roman Empire to Begram, Afghanistan or somewhere along the trade route. No similar pieces have been found elsewhere.

TURKMENISTAN - Ancient Merv - The oldest and best preserved of the oasis cities along the Silk Route in Central Asia. Dates to 600 BCE - 1400 CE.

Paddle Panda Android Game - , assist the humorous panda or other conqueror flow down a swift stream using a condition ring. Get ready for enjoyable ventures in this game for Android. Touch the stream with your finger to create waves on the artifact of the water. That route you can control the condition ring the conqueror's using to float. Go through distinct stream turns, rapids, and other hindrances on the route. strive not to ruin the condition ring on distinct rocks. gather…

Sedeinga’s necropolis lies next to a modern-day caravan route (top) that follows the same path to Egypt as an ancient Meroitic trade road. An Egyptian stela (above) was found in one of the tombs.

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Parasitic worm eggs found on Silk Road latrine artifacts

Microscopic study of latrine finds indicates disease spread along ancient Asian trade route.

Christmas Snow: Truck Legends Android Game - , ride a pick up or a . consign Christmas presents to inhabitants of a little municipality in covered mountains. support Santa Claus consign offerings in this game for Android. Fill the body of your truck with a collection of artifacts. ride through the roadways of a little municipality. Follow the representation and look at the artifact and consign betters using the abbreviated path. rise abrupt hills and gently go down slopes…