This is true. If you liked it while doing it, you wouldn't be doing it right. You don't work out to have a good time. You work out to get your butt kicked.

the only way to achieve goals !

You know you are a runner when your immediate response to any conflict or problem life throws at you is 'I need to go for a run!'

Ive been told that many times while leaving work in the morning after a 12 hour shift to go running..

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Yes, runners are a different breed... this must be why I didn't feel the need to run during my vacation.. no stress lol

Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from setting around wishing you were running.

just running and feeling like you can’t stop your legs is an amazing feeling


Stay Motivated Everyday!

This is SOOO me! hahaha Except I cant currently run right now, which explains alllll the craziness and late nights, cant sleep!!!! Hahaha XD #correres #deporte #sport #fitness #running

5 Ways to Make Running Feel Easier

True story

reasons to be fit

Run you feelings

Running motivation

Running is not only great for the body, but for the mind! - Kiwi Fit Blog