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This site has some pretty cute bunk beds. Just ordered one for my sister in law as a surpise present!

this is the kind of thing I need for my spare room so that we can use it as a craft space and still have a guest room!

I think Tripp would love this! I mean come on what kid wouldn't?

Another bunk room (this one by Christina Murphy)

bunk beds, all Grandkids in one sleeping room with curtains for small amount of privacy. .

cool way to create bunk beds for cheap, for storage, and for beauty - gives it a personal feel!

Shared Kids' Bedrooms / Hanging beds . by Janny Dangerous

Foto 'pinnata' dalla nostra lettrice Patrizia Paolicchi.

How cool is this?! Maybe when they get older and if they still want to share a room, Daddy can build it!