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So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

Isn't that the truth though...The hair dryer one looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book XD

curly hair-yep I have been there!!!!!

Ha! Been there...done that.... "Air drying" (naturally,) takes hours, but blow drying, (diffuser or not,) causes MORE frizz, so...your choice. : {

omg i get this all the time but it's not that simple!!!! #plzunderstand

Like the entire straight underside, wavy back, curly front...

or just not having anything to do but sit at home all day..This is the story of my life!!

A lady once asked me when I got my hair permed. I sad "in utero". she didnt appreciate my humour.'s perfectly fine for you to pull my ringlets for amusement, even when I don't know you.... Maybe the next time, I'll start smoothing their straight hair, and say, "...My P...R...E...C...I...O...U...S...." Bahahaha! : }

submitted by Anonymous :) -- this always makes me feel like a failure

why i always have to straighten my crown when i wear it up :P i bet i'll be bald around the sides of my head when i'm older

So very me! I go through conditioner like no one's business.