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  • Terry Otto

    Mousetrap-My dad and my uncle couldn't put it together Christmas Eve night.....

  • Ruby Ha

    Mousetrap.! AHHH childhood memories!

  • Fuzznutt

    The board game Mouse Trap

  • Kellynda Osborne

    1960's mousetrap game - Loved playing this game!! Played it with my friends, and sometimes my sisters (when I could talk them into playing with their baby sister)

  • Corey Smulo

    I still have my mousetrap game! I don't think I've ever really played the game tho... just usually set it up to knock it down!

  • Raeanne Cordero

    Mousetrap...loved this game We would play with my grandma and she had a blast!

  • Bethany Barton

    Mouse Trap .. never played the game.. just set up the stuff then made it trap the mice!

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Loved this game. I figured out the answer ... and then was disappointed that it wasn't as fun anymore! :/

Still have one of these! You can buy them in Wal Mart but the game moves much faster than the original.

I would jump a mile even when I knew what sound was coming if I hit the metal!

I love this cute vintage pick-up sticks packaging.

Jacks - my mom played "jacks" and taught me how to play... in the Fifties. That and Tiddly Winks.

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

Who else played this? LOL.. I so remember doing this in primary school but I can't remember how it worked!

Mousetrap. Mousetrap. Mousetrap.

Battleship - I can see my dad and brother and mom too playing this game! Board games are still the best. Sorry, modern tech.

The most dangerous toy ever - glass, yes, glass, "clackers" and yes, I still have a set of these.

This game took longer to set up and take down than it did to play it. It wasn't as fun as it looked.

Old Maids! I wish they still made these ones! Actually we have had trouble finding Old Maids anywhere. I loved this set!!!