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Sister Anna White (1831 - 1910, Mount Lebanon, NY) believed that the Shakers’ religious views had social and political implications that could not be ignored. She advocated as a member of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and worked on the National Council of Women. The most high-profile social work she was involved in was the peace and disarmament movement in 1905. Read more of Anna's story at Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

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Social Revolution (?): United States. New York. Mt. Lebanon. Shaker Communities: Shaker Communities, United States: II. Eldress Anna and Sister Sarah in sewing shop. | Harvard Art Museums

Rosa Parks being booked for staying in her seat on the bus.

Shaker Red-painted Pine Double Cupboard over Drawers, New York, c. 1853. | Auction 2898M | Lot 165

Lot 1: Spit Box | Willis Henry Auctions, Inc.

Sister Emma Jane Neale (1847-1943, Mount Lebanon) was appointed trustee in 1882. In charge of finances, she proved conservative and shrewd in her economic and business sense, managed real estate and timber sales and negotiated railroad expansion. In 1935 alone she invested 543 shares of stock in public companies including General Electric, New England Power, Springfield Gas Light and AT Read more of Sister Emma's story at : Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

Maude Collins - Ohio's First (and possibly America's first) Female Sheriff in 1925