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Czy relacja matki z córką może być trudniejsza niż z partnerem? Odpowiedź na to pytanie znajdziesz w naszym artykule:

Teaching Your Daughter How to Handle Girl Drama - everything you need to know to survive the girl drama!

No necesitamos nada para ser felices. La felicidad nace con nosotros, pero siempre la dejamos a un lado porque nos concentramos en alcanzar metas para...

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The Importance of Disciplining Toddlers: The Pyramid Idea

The Importance of Disciplining Toddlers: The Pyramid Idea. Because parenting is hard work, and you either put in the work in the early years, when it's easy, or the teen years, when it's hard!

Baby Coconuts. They are amazing, delicious, full of good fats and electrolytes and great for growing bodies. The flesh of a baby coconut is soft and jelly like. You can either drink the water and eat the flesh with a spoon, or scoop everything into a blender, add some fresh fruit and ice and make a yummy smoothie. Coconut water is also a great start for bubs as you are beginning to introduce fluids besides breastmilk or formula. Find out more at