Treble clef and bass clef design that cleverly creates the formation of a heart when combined. It says to me "I love music". @musicreadsavant

Not as a tattoo.but I like this design as opposed to the (now) over done treble clef-bass clef heart

Band nerd love

Treble Clef Heart Car Decal Computer Decal by IHeartHoundstooth

I'm now on Spotify. Listening to all of the songs that are on 1D's albums. I think that it's great hearing all that our boys made. From UAN to MM... If you have spotify or some other music app to listen to all of one Direction's songs, do it! GET THIS EVERYWHERE!

Cleft note with music notes Free Designs Music Notes Tattoo Wallpaper Zimg Winged

guitar tattoo designs - Google Search

Periwinkle coloring and some guardian angel saying

Treble cleff will be the base

treble+bass clef tattoo I want someday


heart and music notes tattoo. hmmm maybe without the music notes across

8E1.jpg (225×225)

What type of music do you like?

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Home Of The Indie Musician - Indie Music Plus


music love tattoo--Shelby I saw this & thought of you.

Musical Key

Music is the key We prepared this tattoo for Nutsa. This skeleton key was designed to be inked in small size and therefore we kept it very clean and simple; it is made by joining three different clefs: - a treble clef gives it the general shape - a

((MusicIsLove)) <3

Read Complete Awesome Black And Grey Treble Clef Heart Tattoo Design By Bailey…

treble bass clef tattoo designs - Google Search

Music Tattoo: Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Sharp, Flat, Eighth Note. I like this but switch out bass clef for the ying yang :)

really love this, not a common design for the pairing of bass and treble

treble clef and bass clef tattoo clipart

treble clef - for center of Teen Quilt

Bass Clef Treble Clef Heart - want this tattoo but in direction of other example with these lines

some darker lines needed but cool

This would be cool just if it was more detailed

Music tattoo (design)

Simple Audio Heart Design (Louis' tattoo before he had it covered)