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Little boy and rocking horse, Victorian era

A charming hide covered German platform / bow rocking horse. The skin is worn but with a replacement saddle and saddle cloth and a new mane and tail this will be less obvious. He needs new hide ears, the current leather ones are replacements. His lovely old bridle and bit are original. The platform and bows are worn but the original pin striping is clear. All the wheels are original and this must have been a top of the range horse as the platform edges are nicely moulded.

Antique Rocking Horse with Original Leather Saddle, Hide, and Mane

Antique 1918 Steiff Mohair Bear with Antique Rocking horse...Old Pals must stay together !!

Antique White Rocking Horse The calm rocking motion of the hobby horse is the favorite past time of children!

Cute little girl on an antique rocking horse

I love my antique rocking horse.

Antique children's rocking horse

Antique Rocking Hobby Horse, elmstreetmarket

Rocking Horse

Vintage photo of children playing on rocking horse

Antique rocking horses

Long ago...what an incredible photo!

Beautiful day bed and antique horse!

Antique rocking horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Antique Rocking Horse now featured on Fab.

F H Ayres antique bow rocking horse

Antique Rocking Horse

Portrait of a young girl on a rocking horse, ca. 1850s.