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    Skyclad male witch

    2y Saved to Men!!!
    • Exotiflora

      A male witch is simply a witch, not warlock or any other thing. Just a witch. The term is NOT gender specific.

    • Trish R

      Model Arian Levanael dressed as a male witch with his black cat familiar for a photo-shoot. Great shot!

    • Linda H

      Because men are witches, too. Look at the cute kitty... don't say 'what kitty?' after you gaze up & down his beautiful body, you'll see it! Lol!

    • Justin Cardon

      Because men are witches, too. Look at the cute kitty... don't say 'what kitty?' lol!

    • Liza Whitaker

      In the Spirit of Black Cat (and gorgeous men) Appreciation Day 10/25

    • Prophetess Queen

      Pagan Men make a Witch's heart swoon!

    • Joseph P

      man with black cat and tattoos

    • Amanda Senft

      man witchy yumminess

    • Brenna C

      Wiccan Pagan- Hawt.

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    Witches are both male and female... never, never a warlock... that is very offensive to Witches... Warlocks were created by the inquisition through torture resulting in those Witches giving up the names of other Witches.

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