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Charmander used Scratch- Adorable!

Serious Questions

Serious Questions

Well, at least now you have an insanely strong Pokemon!

How Pokemon live inside a Pokeball

Life inside a Pokeball. Did anyone notice nurse joy sleeping with pikachu in the ultra ball?

pretty much sums up this evening.

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Really cool Pokemon balls! :D They look amazing!


Pokemon X Y - Sylveon I thought the evolution method was going to be to let evolve with a pink ribbon or something but it Eevee evolves by friendship and learning a fairy type move to evolve into Syleveon by Madison Thomas

Motivational Pokémon Posters… by elsie

Funny pictures about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Oh, and cool pics about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Also, Motivational Pokémon Posters.


Avengers and Pokemon crossover

Need to get batteries for my Gameboy! Thing died on me while I was on the cruise!

Gary and Oak memes from pokemon

XD I really can't stand Serena. And I hate how blatantly they're trying to put in a love interest for Ash.

Ok. Pikachu is evil. But I also ship Ash and Serena.

Oh Father

Oh Father

OH MY GOD THE FEELS. His mama died so a ditto turned into a charizard to take care of him until he could protect himself ; <--- Or Ditto is actually his dad, and his mom was the Charizard in the relationship

94b.png (524×4119)

Buddies for Life - Pokemon Drawing Challenge

Fresh prince of bell air, pokemon parody

The Fresh Magikarp of Sinnoh

Magikarp of Sinnoh

If Pokemons were real  (I would TOTALLY want my own pikachu then!!!!)  lol

If Pokemons were real

Funny pictures about If Pokemons were real. Oh, and cool pics about If Pokemons were real. Also, If Pokemons were real.

Forever alone Jolteon

Forever alone Jolteon

no tail -_- poor jolteon, but look at leafeon's face! Leafeon looks so defeated!

The Truth About Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go used battery drain- it's super effective!

Tuna by Figuritas on DeviantArt

Team Magma vs team Aqua (so true)