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They hate America yet they don't mind taking advantage of its handouts.

Butt Hurt Leftists Are Trying to Cancel the Election Result

"And you are?" "Kye. I sold you my soul for immortality twenty three years ago. I want to end my contract." "I'm sorry, I don't remember you. Now then, I have an appointment." "Hang on. If I don't get to cancel my immortality, then I want powers." "Like?" "Invisibility, time freezing, fire powers, every single power I can come up with." "Alright, deal. There's only one catch." "What's that?" "We'll meet in a month to discuss it."

{Trivia}: Ancient fairy tales have long used white stags as mystical guides for the story's heroes. My Storybook Land board features many lavish illustrations from such a tale, which is ironically called, The White Stag.