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shoulder white ink tattoo design-I think white ink tattoos are so pretty. Its almost looks like a brand... but feminine and delicate, which is not like a brand at all.

If I were to ever get a tattoo... which I most likely never will... it would be in white ink.

I got this tattoo over the summer. My childhood is not something I had the pleasure of enjoying. Life has always been rough and I’ve delt with a lot of inner battles along the way. No matter how bad things got, I always seemed to think that one day, they’d get better. I’m still working on myself and improving each and everyday, and that’s what counts. :)

A pretty good guide for the ink lovers and the beginers

white ink lace sleeve... beautiful....and kind of blows my mind:)

Cool tattoo

white tattoo. i love this idea because i am a very light complected person, and white tattoos make it look like texture/design of skin. I love!

White Tattoo, which might look funny from a distance, but I'd rather have things look a little funny from a distance but beautiful once you get closer :)

Tattoo done in white ink... looks like lace... love it.

White ink. This is really interesting. Wonder how white ink shows up on a pale person like me?

  • A Little Ink

    It's just like it looks here :) I'm really pale and have words in white which I absolutely adore. You just have to keep sunblock on them cause they apparently will tan darker. Also it truly wasn't sore, don't worry :)

  • Allison Paige

    I don't recommend white ink. It turns brown or orange over time (depending on your skin tone.) Being in the sun helps the process along.

  • sarahleigh21

    White ink works best on people who are pale. I have several.

  • Tom

    Stumbled across this, just wanted to throw in that white ink isn't worth it for me, it fades very quickly from my skin, which is white/olivey (italian heritage)

  • Kayla Geer

    I'm uber-white and don't tan, have one white ink tattoo near my collarbone that was pretty much invisible/looked like a scar. I liked the effect (wanted to add color and the artist added way more than I asked for, so now it stands out). I've had no yellowing, but I don't tan and I use sunscreen on all of my tattoos.

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