Cucumber cups - these would be so good stuffed with tuna or chicken salad!

Stuffed Cucumber Cups

Cucumber sandwiches #Gluten Freer

Cucumber and asparagus tea sandwiches

Fresh Fruit Pops - fruit puree, popsicle sticks, and mini plastic cups. Yum!

awesome hummus recipe!

Cucumber Avocado Rolls. A really easy, pretty, appetizer that is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, and healthy eating. These are like little mouth explosions! #itdoesnttastelikechicken

Tomato Tulips 13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes 14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems 200g farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad) 1 cucumber 1/2 teaspoon dried basil Salt and pepper

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich Rolls

Salad Kabobs. Great summer side dish. Love this idea! This doesn’t link to a website, but it’s kind of obvious what you’re supposed to do!

Rainbow Salad in a Glass ~ great idea to have these individual salads on hand along with appetizers at your next party.

Tea Sandwich: Cucumber & Chive Butter

Cilantro-Lime Jalapeno Chicken Salad

Cucumber cups filled with creamy spinach dip make an excellent summer appetizer! Fill with hummus too!

This is a fun healthy dessert idea for the next dinner we do. Now that we and all our friends are dieting.

Cilantro-Lime Cucumber Salad - The Food Charlatan

Asparagus Phyllo Appetizers

Cucumber Sandwiches

Jaxx Pack with Portion Control Containers & Shaker Cup - a compact on-the-go way to take lunch with you to work, the beach, picnics. Perfect for kids' camp and back-to-school, too.

Cucumber Ranch Dressing - A homemade creamy, dreamy ranch with a subtle hint of cucumber. SO GOOD!