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  • Ashley Lingo

    4th grade reading chart

  • MaryJane Steinkamp

    reading anchor chart correlated with common core standards

  • Orla Burke

    This is a helpful chart containing important questions to ask students about what they are reading. This aligns with the Common Core Language Arts Standard 3.RL.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.

  • Jennifer Hodges

    Reading Anchor Charts / Questions we should ask when we are reading (questions aimed for lower elementary)

  • Whitney Cole

    1st grade reading poster

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Generating Questions Lesson: Create anchor chart, discuss how asking questions while reading keeps us engaged in the story and betters our comprehension. Next, we take a quick picture walk through a big book story, give each child a large sticky note and tell them to write a question they had about the story based on the pictures. Encourage students to start with the phrase, “I wonder if…”

Comprehension Strategies...Questions to Help Kids Understand What They Are Reading. Great list for read alouds or independent reading

Questions to ask about what we are reading....should add some critical literacy questions also Absolutely should add the critical thinking questions. Especially if schools use Accelerated Reader programs, students tend to have lots of books they have "read" but not a lot they can analyze or evaluate. this really hurts them in high school lit classes.

Reading comprehension is key for young learners! This pack includes various response sheets to support teaching the different parts of a story. ...

Reading group or intervention game! A fun idea would be to roll the die and begin a made-up story, each person that rolls tells the next part. 1. Roll all first. Write down your numbers. 2. Begin the story in numerical order. It does not matter how many play, just so there are 2, even if one is teacher or babysitter. Lots of fun in store! MamaPat

I have the students do this weekly and created a scoring Guide for it! The thinking when reading that is taking place is awesome! The thinking stems hel kids and parents equally! Love it -l. Elliott

Reading Comprehension - 51 pages - Use this pack help your students master the Common Core standards. You may use this to any book/ text. 35 reproducible pages that could be used by students to organize their thoughts about what they read. This various comprehension strategies includes predicting, story elements, making connections, character study, retelling, summarizing, and elements of fiction and non-fiction text.

Questions good readers ask| comprehension questions | close reading

Comprehension Activity 1: This activity will help teachers and students assess how students understood what was read. This question web will be able to help develop questions, answer questions, and draw conclusions as to what they have read.

Nice freebie to send home with students to help parents with what kinds of questions to ask during or after reading.