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A Well Traveled Woman Has Said.....

He does! And then breathe lies that you believe to lure you on the wrong track.

just poured my heart out to you weeks ago then you betray me. shame on you.

drake's a genius, simple as that. Love is like a rubberband. We keep pulling untill someone let's go, and the one that held on, is the one that gets hurt.

♫Love hurts, Love scars, Love wounds and mars...♫

...and when you move, you take away it's power to hurt you.

When someone truly LOVES you, they do not hurt you. They think about your feelings and put them above their own.

I know it won't be soon... But I'm sick of people saying that. Yes. Eventually I will. But right now, I feel like someone's stabbing my heart and slowly twisting the knife, and occasionally they decide to jerk it really fast which makes it KILL even worse. Sorry, I'm not emo... But someone's twisting and turning my stomach too.

cdandor: Words that Hurt poster for the UC Davis Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center. Displayed for Principles of Communit...

Love hurts, but love is beautifull