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  • Susan Nunes

    Toni Tennille--Saw her several years back when she sang for Flag Day, I believe it was, in Reno, Nevada. She has a home nearby.

  • Keith Crabtree

    Toni Tennille poses with "Smoky," her Australian Shepherd therapy dog.

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The Style Crone... Follow her blog & see that age is just a number!



"Old age is like climbing a mountain. You climb from ledge to ledge. The higher you get, the more tired and breathless you become, but your views become more extensive." I Ingmar Bergman

Sara Sophia Eisenman silver hair

Sam Elliot

Ageless hairstyles: Wendy Dagworthy's top knot. My latest piece for the Guardian


HOLD on tight — it’s Britain’s first playground for PENSIONERS. Kids can only look on in envy at the park which boasts six special ‘rides’ strictly for OAPs that are meant to provide exercise as well as fun. The equipment includes the massage (upper body exercise), the skate (leg muscles), the ski (hips), the press (stomach and legs) and two stations for standing push-ups and leg-pedalling. The playground was paid for by housing association bosses in Blackley, Manchester.

Melissa McBride, The Castaway, Saturn Awards

In fact, New York Magazine voted her one of New York’s Most Beautiful People at the ripe old age of ninety! I’m dying to see this documentary about her. Talk about growing old gracefully!

Dolores Forsythe | THIS is how us older ladies pull off bohemian. Dolores nailed it, in my opinion. She is dressed up for a book party. Check out the purple-blue in her hair, and the matching nails. Good job!

vintage rust colored silk velvet gown with billowy open sleeves adorned with covered buttons. Estate sale vintage brown suede gloves added warmth as they harmonized with vintage brown suede pumps. IMG_2121

ADVANCED STYLE: An Advanced Style Luncheon at Epistrophy

ADVANCED STYLE: Senior Blogger Spotlight: Judith Boyd's The Style Crone

Myrtle Snow... what style!!

style queen - Rossella Jardini {i luv the sophisticated elegance}

naturalprairie: age brings wisdom. age is not something to fear.

Katharine Ross with Sam Elliott. She's amazing at 73.

tina givens

Terry Macey Long Scoop Jacket over Pleated inset Skirt

Betye Saar, artist, 86

Gorgeous skin...ZsaZsa Bellagio