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Swagger man! Full size body wash body, travel size body wash arms, shaving cream legs and feet, and an unrelated bowling ball head.

This lamp sat on top of a lamp post in front of my grandparents for much of my childhood. The stand came from Island Park...I was just looking for gnarly wood, I realized when I got this home that ants had bored the perfect hole from the top to a knothole at the bottom for the cord.

Catch-all made of ringed lighters.

The functional tape tree. Just a big dowel with pegs in it.

Shelf made from a piece of bark.

Top box I just cleaned, lacquered, and added handles. It was apparently treated with desiccant and used to ship part of a radio in Sept. of 1945. Bottom 2 boxes are reusable bearing pallet/boxes covered in flattened NOS cans attached with compound cement.

Metal bucket that sat outside my grandparents garage for years. I sanded and lacquered over the rust, which produces a leatherish effect I really like. I was able to blast this one with more lacquer than usual by spinning it during the application and drying process. Centrifugal force wouldn't let it run.

Huge trunk I refinished black and silver and applied skulls from a paper plate.

Glasses rack made from 3 Wishbone hangers and a fence board I found at my parents.

Made this box completely from pieces of a picket fence I found at the wood disposal pit and treated with Elmer's Rotted Wood Repair.