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Alzheimer's - Discussed with other prion protein diseases. Now showing new advances in treatment up to Nov. 2016

Alzheimer's - Explained in full detail together with other prion protein diseases. This article continues to be updated.

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This is what it looks like when cancer gets smacked down by a T cell

This incredible video captures a showdown between cancer cells and the T cells that act as the shock troops for your immune system. That's right - you're actually watching a T cell defeat cancer.

mold growing on Romano cheese. It was bluish green, and is probably a Penicillium. In this picture the yellow parts are called conidiophores, and the green spores are called conidia.

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Scientists create automated 'time machine' to reconstruct ancient languages

"It is increasingly apparent to us that autism is caused by environmental factors in most cases, not by genetics," said lead author Gustavo Román, M.D. (mothers with severe deficiencies/hypothyroidism have 4 times greater risk to have a child with autism)