Oh man...

Sad but true

43 people you won't believe actually exist.... I died

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day: http://www.johnphung.com/blog/2702/friends-dont-let-friends-skip-leg-days/

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Pretty much.

.... I seriously can't stop laughing


Too funny!

How to not to wear a disney sweater — kid jokes - http://www.myfunjokes.com/funny-jokes/how-to-not-to-wear-a-disney-sweater-kid-jokes/ #humor #prank #funnypictures #funnyanimal #dog #haha #cute

Hahaha! Too funny!

So true


This would be funny to have!

Nursing school :/

Not many people I can do this with but @Christine Wiebe @Kayla Reddekopp @Esther Wiebe and @Sarah Dyck are 4 of the of the best people for this that I know