Van Gogh display--each child does a sunflower

Van Gogh bulletin board. Each student makes a creative and unique flower to add to the pot! (Or you could connect to the idea that each one of us is unique and different, together we are even more beautiful.)

2nd GRADE--Van Gogh Sunflowers

Van Gogh Sun flowers

Masterpiece Mosaic of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (5th Grade). Great idea for auction!

Van Gogh group art project

van gogh sunflowers hand print petals

Van Gogh Sunflower diagram

Van Gogh Flowers

Van Gogh for children

Each child designs and paints a cup - cut out and decoupaged to the background.

3rd grade Van Gogh chairs / create dimension

aquarium project

community weaving project

Crafted Woven Hearts by Kindergarten Children at Kindergarten Smiles as a gift to RainbowsWithinReach (***Get the simple DIY instructions in the article)

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Back to school art bulletin board by Ms. Lydie.

These 25 Van Gogh Inspired Art Projects for Kids will introduce your children to a master artist and inspire their imaginations. Have fun!

Vincent VAN GOGH, 1887

Build the board up throughout topic/ theme.