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(e)PIRILLO  Chris Pirillo Seattle, WA Share Price: 547.36e (+2.04e) Dividends/Share: 3.91e Dispensing valuable advice...

(e)CLATKO [X] Chris Latko San Diego Share Price: 528.14e (+1.03e) Dividends/Share: 2.84e SHAREHOLDER POLICY (08/26/2011) 1) i do not do reciprocal buys. 2) i'll only buy back if your divs are high enough. 3) i only work in increments of 600 (unless you're a newb). 4) i have ...

Article: Social media ‘missions’ drive traffic and yield real business results « Empire Avenue Tips

| TRIPLETSFAN Empire Avenue is one of the oldest (1997) and largest hair focused web portal on the Internet with e-store, HairTalk forums, hairstyle galleries, articles, tips, blogs and hair help.

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(e)JASONRAMSEY Jason Ramsey [FBANON] Wichita, KS Share Price: 220.90e (+1.90e) Dividends/Share: 1.89e I play to connect. I'm the GM at School of Rock in Wichita, KS.

Have you ever wanted to pull numeric analysis out of the nebulous? Want to understand what a conversation is telling you beyond the words? Liz specializes in social conversation quantification before you can say it three times fast.

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(e)TAXCOACH Nicolas Liu Washington, DC Share Price: 268.53e (+0.11e) Dividends/Share: 2.10e Be Social, Be Responsible, Be Positive.

(e)SCOTTERS [X] Scott Kuhn Lacey, WA I'm just an IT biz-owning, homeschooling dad of 4. Renewed focus on the CONNECTIONS this time around, and less so on the "game" aspect. Will I buy back? Likely, especially if we connect. Will I do it all at once? Unlikely. Will I sell if you sell? Not necessarily, though once a week I will review those who have completely sold off shares. www.fullyfollow.m...