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    Taking care of body and mind

    Well i didn't have this one as a kid! -- a Ladybird Book?

    file under: unfortunate book titles

    The essential starting point for any life adventure worth writing about - Fill your head with books, and walk out the door loaded for bear.

    Reading books within books. Whoever did this is doing it in my house wow an art installation , painting using the shaded spines of books on bookshelves , amazing and inspiring for art but i dont think it would inspire you to read because you wouldnt want to take a book and disturb the picture

    Pegg and a Dalek...geek porn ;)

    yegads -- what is up with that creepy clown?

    Annie Jones-Elliot, Bearded Lady

    Goodnight spice, goodnight worms. Awesome!

    The Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Beetlejuice

    Vanishment made easy. Makes a great Christmas gift for that special someone!

    The Outsiders

    Don't lick my arm! That's what weird kids do. -- Print......I love this and would so hang it in my house!

    nanny always said 'smokin never hurt nobody' circa 1950

    “The Centipede” performed by dancers in Brussels, 1929 - those crazy old people!!

    A horse is a horse of course, of course... except when it's an elk! Those crazy Victorians!

    Constable Lee had thought her job as a plane clothes police officer would involve a little more dignity.

    Some people have way too much time on their hands!

    Sherlock Holmes made every Stickler in the world so happy with this one scene.

    Josef Koudelka - Spain. 1977.

    Henry Miller in Santa Monica