Order because the pieces are all going the same direction but disorder because jigsaw pieces don't come out of faces.

Leaves of Grass (Eric Parker)


Lorenzo Duran...beautiful art carved into an ordinary leaf....looks so faerielike!

Amazing Portrait Drawn with Ballpoint Pens by Samuel Silva

Collage artist Colin Johnson recently completed collage entitled Everything and Nothing using hundreds of delicately sliced paper objects mounted on wood.


Portraits in Swirls of Paint / Chris Slabber. Pinned by Daniëlle Bergman Art - /

unique portrait -bob rohrbaugh


Here's 100 awesome iPhone 6 wallpapers - Imgur

altered puzzle idea - so cool. find a small puzzle, randomly and separately make each piece then fit it together. this would be really cool framed if you had a bigger puzzle to do. fun!

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Oak leaves on paper - "The images were made on watercolor paper. I wrapped the leaves between the paper around copper pipe and boiled them."

Takenouchi, Naoko, Artist, Flight #5, 2008, blown glass with copper leaf, sandblasted, H 58cm x W15cm x D13cm


"Playing with Fire 7" / paper, gold leaf, flame -by Kelly O'Brien (2013)

"Croton Series 1" Silk Painting by Deborah Younglao

Rain: A Glass Raindrop Installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky