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Is it wrong that I find this beyond funny?

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

dear god, the pain.

SEND ME ONE MORE GAME REQUEST *bang bang* that was my bullet hitting your head .... <- whoever said that LOL im dieing

My favorite thing about Kermit…I wish I could make that face

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish, At Home! another tip - at the salon they heat the nail varnish remover. They also use a very fine filing board to polish the nail to a healthy sheen, which might have been scraped before the gel was applied.

Time travelers or vampires?

YES! WTH is with all the nail crap!!!

"I passed my history test because I remembered this post on a question about monotheism and polytheism and my parents say being on the internet all day will get me no where!"

Happy Beardmas. (I have to repin this as we are both cracking up in class)

OMG if this would have happened in one of my classes I wouldn't have been able to control myself.