Mixing nature, science, and art with the expert guidance of Jim Arnosky. Includes coloring pages of many animals.

Learning and Growing the Piwi way: Exploring the Great Outdoors with Poppins Book Nook

Following the Coast: Jim Arnosky: 9780688171186: Books

Following the Coast: Jim Arnosky: 9780688171186: Books

Great books & fun facts about honeybees for kids

Honey Bee Activities and Books for Kids

Books/Literacy Activities: Lots of fun facts, books & activities that teach kids about honeybees!

Insect Sounds- THIS IS SOO COOL!!!  What a treat to see pictures and hear the insects through this website.

Songs of Insects - Learn 20 Common Insect Songs -Online tutorial for identifying insects by their songs

Handbook of Nature Study: Nature Study: Struggling With Consistency and Focus

A few weeks ago I asked for readers to comment and let me know what keeps them from starting nature study or what happens to make them st.

Crinkleroot's Nature Almanac: Jim Arnosky: 9780689805349: - looks promising as a practical look at the seasons that might give a child a sense of the usefulness of understanding the rhythms of nature (I'm hoping)

Crinkleroot's Nature Almanac by Jim Arnosky (who has a whole Crinkleroot series)

Edible DNA. I wish genetics had been this fun in my biology class!

Make science fun? Your school-age kids will enjoy making an edible DNA model, while learning about science!

Exploring Nature with Books

Exploring Nature with Books

STAAR Review anchor chart for 5th Grade Science...something I use to help students prepare for STAAR

Photosynthesis anchor chart for Grade Science.something to use to help students understand photosynthesis?