good to know! try to eat as many vegetables & legumes as possible, and stay away from the microwave if you can.

How Long Food Will Keep

For spicing things up.

Craving THIS? Eat THAT! | The Veggie Girl

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Sweet Potato Chips slice sweet potatoes thinly on a mandolin slicer, toss the slices in one teaspoon of olive oil, lay them out on a cookie sheet, sprinkle them with salt, and bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, flipping once. Yum!

Spice Usage Chart Spices are essential for the flavor and aroma in the food.Have you ever wonder that if you have some cheat sheet where ...

This is our favorite way to eat broccoli of all time! My husband says he would rather eat this than fries. I put a few Tbsp of olive oil in a ziploc with some salt and pepper and the broccoli and shake. Then spread on a cookie sheet and spread minced garlic over it and roast at 425 deg F for 20-25 minutes.

How to Properly Freeze Fruits & Veggies (read later)

Hone Your Chops: The Chef's Guide to Knives

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Veggie Cooking Cheat Sheet

Which Foods Should be Organic? Eat your fruits and veggies! That goes without saying. But with the rising cost of food and the often higher cost of organic products, it’s not always easy to determine which foods you should buy organic and when conventionally-grown products will suffice.

Eat seasonably calendar. :)

this cute "periodic table of produce" tells you exactly how long and which way to keep your foods so they stay fresh for as long as possible! eat feel fresh's article "spoiled rotten- the shelf life of fruits and vegetables" explains it all!

Dirty Dozen / Clean Fifteen - Which fruits and vegetables to buy organic

Grilling guide for meats and veggies!